This is a timeline of important dates by the sage’s calendar. (Note: All dates are in Sages Reckoning)

Age of the Gods

c. -2,600 SR
Founding of Firth

c. -1,394 SR
Founding of Gheraful

Age of Darkness

1 SR
End of the Godswar
Sinking of Ches
Banishment of the Gods

13 SR
Fall of Druarth Grammas

1323 SR
Founding of Talas

Age of Empires

1372 SR
Coronation of Emperor Ozymandius I

1987 SR
Building of the Deadwatch Wall

2083 SR
Disappearance of the Dwarves of Xrax

2217 SR
Fall of the Shadowmages of Ilvarwen

2237 SR
Cornerstone of the Great Temple of Arthom in Leonay

2387 SR
Founding of the theocracy of Leonay

2394 SR
Assassination of Emperor Ozymandius XIV, severing the Temoran bloodline.

Age of Freedom

3069 SR
Disappearance of the Halifarn Serpent

3147 SR
Discovery and settlement of Xraxus

3290 SR
Founding of Freeport

3320 SR
Founding of the Fraternal Order of Dungeoneers, Dangerseekers, Explorers, and Rogues

3783 SR
Founding of the Entreverde School

3947 SR
Birth of Korikash Gilruthanis

4069 SR
Sunrise on Black Ice

4071 SR
The bard Aaron Blaire travels the deserts of Shalara

4077 SR
Founding of the Marn School

4078 SR
Ascension of Ahrlin

4079 SR
Branding of Amor-Azi-Fahal (Syr Donillar)

4094 SR
Syr Donillar assumes rulership of Anasazi
Sir Osmond Williams appointed governor of Fork

4099 SR
D’Laren Haldoran accepts the defense of the Talisman of Graz’zt

4100 SR
Syr Donillar freed from the clutches of the Bohara Moheat

4114 SR
King Eran of Knadrek is killed and Bleda the Bandit becomes king of Knadrek

4118 SR
Bannor, Astaria, Carkain, and Chiranjeev awaken on a mountaintop with the “Blessing of Amon Shur”

4120 SR
Founding of the Smallstone Score

4132 SR
Ailill MacCalhill is found wandering on the grounds of Goodwine Manor

4133 SR
Death of Durwin Gladstone


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