from the Book of Legends, by Herod

Tekkannum was a high priest of Sadaka, a skilled wizard, the first King of Yamun, and the most successful general in the Ches army. He and Arthom fought many battles during the Godswar with neither man winning decisively. During the final days of the war, his army had fought their way far inland when Tekkannum had a disturbing vision. The vision showed, in vivid detail, the island of Ches sinking beneath the waves. He quickly turned his army toward the holy-land of Ches, hoping to warn the high council of the impending catastrophe, but he was too late.

When Ches sank, the resulting tidal wave destroyed the ship that Tekkannum was sailing toward the doomed island. Using his wizardly magic, Tekkannum was able to save himself and a small portion of his army. He immediately traveled to the city of Firth, the seat of his power, and the safest place in Yamun. For several days following his arrival in Firth, Tekkannum prayed to his god, but his god was silent.

A week later, the Hellbenders, with Arthom in the lead, marched into Firth. Tekkannum prepared his weakened army for a siege. Arthom surprised Tekkannum by asking to rest his troops in the city. Tekkannum, in his weakened position, granted Arthom’s request for shelter.

During Arthom’s stay in Firth, he and Tekkannum met and they realized that they were a lot alike. Both were honorable warriors, leaders, and religious men. These common traits drew the two of them together. For a month, the two of them spent large amounts of time together.

One night a month after the arrival of the Hellbenders, an army from the neighboring city of Gharaful attacked the city of Firth. The leader of Gharaful, Baron Helak, felt that Tekkannum was wrong in allowing Arthom and his men to stay in his city. Arthom and Tekkannum fought side by side against Helak and his men. The Ghar outnumbered the defenders three to one, but the allies had the advantage of terrain. After three days of fighting the remaining Ghar retreated to their city, demoralized and defeated.

The night following the end of the battle, Tekkannum was visited with another vision. He was shown a large clay tablet with runes emblazoned upon it. Arthom then broke the tablet into nine pieces and handed the pieces to eight war wizards which then teleported away. The ninth piece was put into a locket and Arthom put the locket around his neck.

Tekkannum realized when he awoke that the tablet, the seal of ages, was the key to his separation from his god. He decided that his connection to his god was much more important than his newly found friendship with the man that helped defeat the triad. He decided that he had to find the seal.

Tekkannum and his troops took Arthom and his men by surprise. Tekkannum killed Arthom with his morning star. About a quarter of the Hellbenders were able to escape the massacre. Tekkannum now had what he wanted, a piece of the seal.

Tekkannum sent his most powerful wizards to find the other eight pieces of the seal. None of the wizards ever returned. During his wait for the other pieces of the seal, Tekkannum began to prepare for his afterlife. In Yamun, kings often build lavish tombs filled with riches to take with them into their next life.

The wizards searching for the seal never returned and Tekkannum died a lonely tyrant surrounded by subjects that feared and abhorred him. His tomb is located in the Valley of Kings.


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